Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eating Out....How to deal!!

So today I went and had our taxes done (so glad that is completed), and since my doc's appointment got canceled for today and rescheduled for next week I called my friend G, for lunch. She obliged and we went to lunch.

Now my plan was to go to Panera Bread, because I know exactly what to order and the calories, but she wanted to go to Zio's and since this is my FAVORITE Italian Restaurant, I obliged. And it was delish. But my dilema was what to eat? So normally I get a veggie primavera, but the last time my sweet hubby and I went I got a veggie pizza and it was just delish, so I decided to opt for that again.

Now the problem with a place like Zio's is the bread they bring, and I do love me some bread and that Olive Oil dipping sauce, well let's just say I could LICK THE PLATE!! So what's a girl to do? Well, this is what this girl did. I ate two small pieces of the bread (probably not adding up to a regular size piece of french loaf bread) and I probably had maybe 2 teaspoons of the oil (maybe), I opted more for the spice end of it. It was so good.

I had a salad no dressing and didn't eat the croutons and had them leave off the cheese, and then I ordered a veggie pizza no cheese and had 3 pieces of 8 and had them box up the rest. There are no nutritional values for Zio's so I had to try and figure it out. I think I got pretty close. It came up to 564 calories, way more than I usually eat at a meal, but it was a special meal with a friend, and I do this very rarely, so it was fun. I had a balanced and healthy supper tonight, and I'm right back on track.

When you eat out, it is wonderful to eat a salad first and avoid the bread unless you have the will power to only eat a little bit. Order your entree and a box. Box up half of it and eat the other half. You have a wonderful supper or lunch for the next day, and you don't leave so stuffed you hurt.

I enjoy eating out, but I really like to make healthy choices, and I don't feel deprived AT ALL!!!!!

Have a Blessed evening!!

Healthfully Yours,

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