Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Goals for the Week:

Jacquie at Fit after 40 sets goals for herself and sticks with them. She truly inspires me. So this morning I was thinking about her latest goal and how she blogs about where she is at in it each week, and thought that would be a good thing for me to do, set some goals.

So on Mondays we will be discussing setting and keeping goals. We'll set immediate goals and more of long term goals as we go. This week we're settle on immediate goals.


So last week was a difficult one to fit exercise in to. This week hopefully will be a little less hectic. Today is a very busy one, but beyond today it looks like maybe it will be a little calmer, but we will see!!

Even though I have not had the major intense workouts, I have still been working out and stretching. My knee has had a slight set back because of the less intense workouts and stretching, so this week I am right back at it. Working hard and getting my head back in the game, so to speak =)

I was eating pretty good up until the weekend. And then cravings hit and I didn't want to be a good girl with my eating, but I didn't do to badly. I am, however, right back at it on this Monday morning. My goal this week in the eating department will be to plan ahead more. I am not good at this. But when I do plan, I eat sooooooooo much better. So that is the plan this week, to have a plan!!! Good plan eh?!?!!

In the exercise department, the plan is to bike more. My sweet husband got our recumbent bike pedals readjusted for me and now I'm off and running, er a riding!! So my goal this week is to ride at least 15 minutes a day and then hopefully by Friday worked up to 30 minutes. That's the plan, and to also continue with my knee home PT exercises and stretches.

So what is your goal for this week? Go ahead, set a goal for eating and exercise this week and then write it down and read it everyday to help keep you on track, and you can share here in a comment if you'd like or e-mail me. It helps to be accountable to someone.

Well have a beautiful day and a goal hitting week =)

Healthfully Yours,


2cats said...

My goal for this week is to try and plan next months meals.
My husband gets paid just once a month so I need to shop just once a month.
Planning menus is not something I have ever done, but it seems that it would save money. So for this week I am searching recipes and making menus.

Jacquie said...

Wow! Planning a month's meals at one time!! I'm pretty good to plan the day before what I will be eating for the next day. It WORKS though!! I very seldom every fail when I've planned ahead.

So far this week, I'm 2 for 2 on workouts and eating well!!

prashant said...

- I hear you talk about the Ezekiel bread. Is it something you can get at ANY grocery? It is in a loaf? sliced? I'm totally interested

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